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9519Re: oxford improv

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  • luce79
    Oct 4, 2000
      > Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 12:01:51 +0100
      > From: Dominic Lash <dominic.lash@...>
      >Subject: oxford improv
      >I hope this is a proper use of the list:
      >Basically, I'm a student at Oxford interested in free Improv, but totally
      >failing to find anybody to play it with.

      Why don't you get in touch with Pat Thomas, who has lived in Oxford all his life? He is an amazing composer/keyboardist who is active on the Euro Improv scene, a member of the LMC and someone who could probably put you in touch with other people doing interesting things in Oxford.

      His number might be listed in the phone book. But if it isn't perhaps you could contact the LMC.



      email: luce79@...
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