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9501fuzzybunny is looking for gigs

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  • StichtingRumor@hetnet.nl
    Sep 29, 2000
      FuzzyBunny is Chris Brown, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, and Tim Perkis, all

      members of the legendary computer network band "The Hub". This group is

      their latest project, which consists of high-energy, dense live improv

      using an assortment of their homebuilt electronic and software-based


      They are playing at the Rumor Festival in Utrecht/Netherlands on december

      9th, and at Distronics/Eindhoven/Netherlands on december 10th, but only if

      can get one or more gigs not too far from those dates and these places.

      Interested? Send an e-mail to Rumor <StichtingRumor@...> or Scot

      Gresham-Lancaster <sgresham@...>.

      Thank you!

      Theus / Rumor

      Check out their website at: www.artifact.com/fuzzybunny


      where you can read more about the band and stream a RealAudio file from

      their latest CD. Please respond to this message if there is a possibility

      for a concert and if you would like to hear more.
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