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937Re: Lobal Communication

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  • R. Lim
    Oct 1, 1998
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      On Thu, 1 Oct 1998, Mark Coyle wrote:

      > I've just got the new remix album by Global Communication, it brings
      > together the remixes they have done for other people I think (the Cd is pink
      > with red writing, almost unreadable). The music is gorgeous, beautiful and
      > stunningly put together. If you like their previous work or ambient dance
      > without the beats, this is for you.

      Is this _Remotion_? It sounds like it, based on the description, but it
      was released a few years ago. Splendid primer on the band (it's really
      just a compilation of remixes they've done, plus a Reload track just for
      the hell of it), but there's considerable overlap with other essential
      Global Comm (and related) items. Most significantly, you only get a taste
      of the drop-dead lovely _Pentamorous Metamorphosis_ (an album of
      Chapterhouse remixes that piss on anything that band ever did- thankfully,
      this was just re-pressed) and the somewhat uneven Reload _A Collection of
      Short Stories_ disc (on the Creation-associated Infonet, also licensed in
      the US). If _Remotion_ floats your boat away on its bilious cloud of
      melody-brushed ambience and you haven't heard these other ones, you owe
      yourself the pleasure.

      I also feel compelled to mention that I never did figure out what the big
      deal was with 76:14 (lest I be branded a drooling IDM fanboy).

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