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931Some "have you heard" questions

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  • Øivind Idsø
    Oct 1, 1998
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      I guess everyone and his/her brother/sister is doing nothing but reading
      The Wire at the moment, but if you have the time and the knowledge could
      you please help me with the following:

      Has anyone heard one of these listed CDs? If so, care to give me your opinion:

      * Terre Thaemlitz + <journo-muso I can't remember name of> latest on MIlle
      * that Amethyst CD by Coil?
      * Techno Animal on Force Inc (and exactly *how* many of the Electric
      Ladyland + Modulations&Transformations tracks are included? I don't know
      need (i.e. can't afford) this CD if I've heard almost the entire CD...)
      * some Japanese guy + Merzbow (?) on Mille Plateaux, as listed in the
      Piccadilly Records ad in the OCtober issue of The Wire
      * the collaboration between Panacea and Hanayo on, ahem..., Mille Plateaux?

      So, anyone?

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