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8922Re: Sonic Boom cd/book question

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  • Peter Marsh
    Jul 7, 2000
      john wrote:

      >Did anyone on the list go see the exhibit and if so do you have any thoughts
      >or insights on it? I've yet to fully digest both cds and the book but so far
      >it seems promising as far as "samplers" along these lines go. I really dig
      >the sheer simpicity of "Guitar Drag" by Christian Marclay, that's the first
      >thing that caught my ear/eye.

      gary wrote:

      >of interest in the show: christina kubisch, brian eno, greyworld, ryoji
      >ikeda, paul schutze, and the work projecting images temporarily onto the
      >wall (unsure of the creators name!). i felt drawn to and inspired by those
      >works that i became enclosed, engulfed and surrounded by

      the bloke you've forgotten is disinformation (aka joe banks). i'd vote for
      guitar drag and the koner/eastley piece, which was the most immersive thing
      i saw/felt there. it was (for those who may be interested) a dark
      cylindrical space - faint projections on the wall, otherwise blackness.
      drones which (i think) were being produced by gongs (somehow being
      stroked/resonated) hung around the wall of the space, high above the
      listeners head. interesting that the exhibition has provoked a lot of
      discussion/dissension amongst people i've talked to, mainly hinging round
      the question of what is sound art and how or why does it differ from music.
      whatever, it was nice to see mr toop giving all his mates a job...


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