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8910RE: Weird Pop

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  • Nigel Turner
    Jul 4, 2000
      > Any recommendations for hidden treasures in this "genre" of
      > pop/experimental whatever?
      I think you'll find that Pop-Off Tuesday, from Osaka, are just what
      the doctor ordered. Bablicon, from Chicago, too - though though they are
      less pop and more 'out there' jazz, but definitely a treasure. (Apologies
      for the length of the following reviews).

      Pop-Off Tuesday 'Pop-Off Tuesday'
      "Hiroki plays 'machines' and Minori supplies the vocals
      and guitar. They don't seem committed to any one style, except that it
      all sounds like a dreamily stoned soundtrack to a series of
      multicoloredminimovies that float by in a hazy flowing progression of
      captivating imaginations in full flower. Radiating their neon ghostly
      glowing, and genre leaping tripped-hop soul pop nearly Lusciously
      Jacksonian, but never so funky or hyper. Cibo Matto maybe, but even more
      madly stoned and poppy. It's almost lazy, moving in slow shimmering
      waves, deeply seductive grooves, dub-skeletal pulsings, rich melodic
      folk-pop structures extended into new territories of luxury and ease.
      Unslick and nearly transparent like a beautifully delicate insect held
      up to the sunlight, and not unlike a female voiced Japanese Hood on at
      least a track or two, but it's never in the same place for long, and
      though the menu keeps shifting, it's all so damn good, crazy good, like
      a fox crazy, like pop genius flow. Pop-Off Tuesday, where gentle
      experimentalism can come right up to the sweet swirling pop surface and
      take a long deep breath while looking you right in the eyes. Truly
      George Parsons DREAM Magazine

      "The sense of flow is wonderful, the tunes are great and although
      there is a lot going on, nothing is overdone. In time this album could - and
      certainly should - become regarded as an underground milestone and its sense
      of the mysterious will always beguile" ....John Cavanagh, Boa fanzine

      "A truly magnificent record, which a brooding sense of mystery
      serves only to enhance. Pop Off Tuesday are the end of pop music: nothing
      can follow this and measure up" ....Robots & Electronic Brains

      "[Bablicon] are a be-suited trio who deconstruct jazz with a
      ferocity but innate musicality and grooviness which beggars belief" ...Joe
      Cushley, Mojo

      "When they pick up speed with their deliriously satisfying webs of
      bass/soprano sax hypnotics, [Bablicon] start to approximate the metallic
      backbone that Beefheart never had." ....David Keenan, The Wire

      "Bablicon... either have a wicked sense of humour or they really are
      the fly in the ointment" ...Mark Barton, Record Mart & Buyer

      "Like label mates Pop-Off Tuesday, there's a total disregard for,
      and often disdain of, convention and a boundless yearning for new sounds,
      outer-space sounds, ancient jazz sounds, mis-matched and unsound sounds" .
      ...Jimmy Possession, Robots & Electronic Brains

      Nigel Turner

      Pickled Egg Records
      19 College Avenue, Leicester LE2 0JF, England
      fax: +44 870 088 4738
      e-mail: nigelt@...

      pop-off tuesday... bablicon... gulliver...
      daniel johnston ... volcano the bear ...
      sodastream... evoltion control committee
      l'augmentation... savoy grand...
      big eyes... the freed unit... le bleu...
      by coastal café... valvola... farina...
      marshmallow coast... the go team...

      "It's fun as well as food!"
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