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8888re: Anyone seen EN?

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  • Taylor McLaren
    Jun 30, 2000
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      MEEP! codex99@... wrote:
      >On a different EN tip I saw a CD (I think by "FRY"? that features Chrislo
      >Haas, FM Einheit, Pan Sonic and others in some kind of new supergroup
      >project. Anyone know what this is?
      Gry is Einheit's most recent band; they've toured around North America a
      bit with assorted acts from Invisible Records (who have licensed a whole
      whack of Einheit's radio plays and dance pieces from Rough Trade in the
      last year or two), and were generally well-received by the Pigface crowd...
      somewhat song-oriented material backed up by a human beatbox (live, anyway)
      and some of the expecting clanging. They've got two or three CDs out now,
      including the recent one -- _Public Recording_ on FM 4.5.1 -- that is full
      of contributions by Pan Sonic and others. My understanding is that it isn't
      so much a "supergroup" effort as it is the result of Einheit working with a
      much younger vocalist (I forget her name), and most of the other involved
      parties were brought in for the sake of contributing sounds here and there.

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