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8637Re: [thewire] 20' to 2000 + gabba

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  • Randy Gelling
    Jun 5, 2000
      I think gabba is a limited but interesting genre, the electronic
      equivalent to early punk, metal, etc. Although no expert on the genre my
      few reccomendations are:

      Kid606 - Don't Sweat the Technics (an amazing example of exp. gabba by a
      16 year old american)
      Delta 7 - The title escapes me...

      Simon Reynold's "Energy Flash" has a solid listing for gabba in his

      On Sat, 3 Jun 2000, Guillaume Malod wrote:

      > hi all,
      > three little questions for those who know on this list:
      > - being slightly attracted by design even when i don't know the music, i was
      > thinking of getting one (or more) 20' to 2000 cds, has anyone heard any of
      > them, care to recommend several?
      > - i have been hearing about gabba several times in the wire, i know it's
      > related hardcore, if someone could recommend some representative albums:
      > either of straightforward gabba or of artists building more experimental
      > stuff on it.
      > - i know some people have asked about this already, but recommedations of
      > new dub influenced works, a little a la pole et al...
      > merci beaucoup...
      > gm
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