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805Re: (the wire)100 best tape swap challenge

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  • Jason Witherspoon
    Sep 5, 1998
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      At 10:26 AM -0700 9/5/98, Brian & Sharon Beuchaw wrote:
      >But the subtitle is "While No One Was Listening" and Mr. Herrington says
      >in his editorial "...for one reason or another slipped through the net of
      >widespread public perception..." _Maggot Brain_ certainly didn't slip
      >through that net, maybe _Osmium_ did, but still ....

      Oh, right. That's part of the problem of viewing the list w/o the issue at
      hand, & The Wire can hardly be accused of giving short shrift to Funkadelic
      (see a couple of issues ago), so I was truly puzzled.

      Still, I'd've gone w/Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul or Baby Huey before
      that particular Watson record. Very, very nice to see Larry Young's
      excellent record on there!

      Jason Witherspoon

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