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804Re: (the wire)100 best tape swap challenge

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  • Brian & Sharon Beuchaw
    Sep 5 10:26 AM
      > At 11:43 PM -0700 9/4/98, MacArdle wrote:
      > >Incidently, if it hasn't been covered already, how is everyone else doing?
      > >Be honest.

      I've got 20 out of the 100, so I guess that's not too bad....

      Then Jason Witherspoon <arzachel@...> said:

      > Johnny Guitar Watson?? And no _Osmium_ or _Maggot Brain_??? I mean, I
      > have & enjoy the album, but come, the fuck, ON.

      But the subtitle is "While No One Was Listening" and Mr. Herrington says
      in his editorial "...for one reason or another slipped through the net of
      widespread public perception..." _Maggot Brain_ certainly didn't slip
      through that net, maybe _Osmium_ did, but still ....

      "You believe the world is perfectible and so you find it always
      unsatisfying. You have to reconcile yourself to the world's
      unperfectibility by being thoroughly *in* the world, but not
      *of* it" - Tony Kushner
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