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  • dieter scheyhing
    Apr 3, 2000
      >Jim O really isn't arrogant like Mr. vat

      ok, just a few words:
      beginning of this year hrvatski performed in berlin.
      i enjoyed the performance even more than i had expected after listening
      to his excellent cd.
      also i've heard from my colleague who organized the concert that he was
      very kind and that it was a pleasure to deal with him. since i later
      regretted not to have talked to him at the occasion of this concert, i
      sent him a mail, which he answered in a very kind way.
      telling all this just to say that in my experience there was never a
      trace of arrogance on hrvatski's part.
      (other than btw in some remarks on scanner on this list, but this is
      another story. when i come to think of it, maybe it's more or less the
      same story actually).
      ((hi ben - what about the inversion cds i was asking for some years ago?))
      (((oops - please ignore this last sentence: it was meant to be private!)))
      i did not quite understand hrvatski's harsh comment on the list, but
      doesn't each of us - at one point or the other - think that it is
      bullshit? correct me if i'm wrong.
      writing all this i am feeling rather silly, but i think this is at least
      partly owing to the character of this thread.
      (maybe all this sounds totally humourless - actually i enjoyed the
      threads about garden chairs and silent cell phone rings more than some
      other stuff on this list...)

      over here it's becoming spring finally, the sun is shining, and probably
      i should rather go out for a walk instead of caring about all this...

      - dieter

      p.s. my favourite song of today is the hrvatski remix on the kid 606 and
      (okay, i AM humourless today...)
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