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7915Re: [thewire] Favourite Song

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  • Rob Thornton
    Apr 1, 2000
      On Sat, 1 Apr 2000, Jason Witherspoon wrote:

      > At 4:20 AM -0500 4/1/00, Davis Ford wrote:
      > >i guess my favorite song..to tie this in with the chain-o-gram...is that one
      > >about does eating oats. i think the second verse has something about mares
      > >eating fucking oats 2?
      > ....and little lambs eat ivies! I *love* that one, but I thought it
      > was just a poem (Wordsworth, perhaps?)

      Actually, I believe it was a novelty tune back in the day, can't say when
      though (possibly the '40s maybe). A shout-out to my moms is due here,
      'cause she sang this all of the time when I were a tender young sprout....

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