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  • Jason Guthartz
    Apr 1, 2000
      Hi, all.

      I'm pleased to announce that the doors are open to "Restructures Creative
      Music Forum"


      This site currently has are three primary areas: (1) a discussion forum, (2)
      a link library, and (3) an Anthony Braxton discography. The discussion forum
      is intended to cover a lot of the same ground as the various regional and
      artist-specific e-mail groups with which many of you are familiar, while
      allowing a broader range of people to participate in discussions of issues
      that are not specific to a particular region or artist. The link library
      will provide an updated listing of sites of interest to creative music fans.
      The Anthony Braxton discography (still working on it) is one example of the
      proprietary content I hope to provide; articles, reviews and additional
      discographies are planned. By promoting the sharing of information and
      opinions, this site can help broaden and deepen our understanding and
      enthusiasm for creative music.

      Please take a look and come back often. Your involvement is not only
      desired, but is necessary to the success of this site -- start a topic of
      discussion, post a message, send in a link, tell your friends, link to this
      site, and suggest improvements.


      ps - no, this ain't no April Fool joke :)
      Jason Guthartz
      Chicago, IL
      The restructural musics from the post-Ayler/Cage continuums have not been
      documented correctly and this 'MIS-AWARENESS' must be addressed.
      -- Anthony Braxton