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7898Re: [thewire] Favourite Song

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  • Davis Ford
    Apr 1, 2000
      so, i just heard this fenn'oberg thing for the first time, and wow..it is
      really pretty fantastic.. i've had this ill taste in my mouth whenever jim
      o'dork is mentioned since they interviewed him in the wire about a year or
      so ago. i know so many people around here seem to fawn over his
      self-bloating image...and that is fine. which brings me to a related
      tangent: i just got hrvatski's album, and it really is preatty damn good.
      so i sit and wonder...does it matter if the person i am listening to is a
      balloon-o-gram or not. initially, i say no..but that still doesn't explain
      why i have avoided jim o-rourke releases for the last year or so. the
      hrvatski is good. he may be gone..or still lingering and now getting a
      crank, but it is a good album.

      regardless, thanks for the cat that mentioned the dilated peoples album. i
      just nabbed that, and it is quite worth it.

      i guess my favorite song..to tie this in with the chain-o-gram...is that one
      about does eating oats. i think the second verse has something about mares
      eating fucking oats 2?

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