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774Re: Environmental Music

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  • JoelKru@xxx.xxx
    Sep 1, 1998
      In a message dated 9/1/98 4:57:17 PM, you wrote:

      <On Sat, 29 Aug 1998, Mark Coyle wrote:
      >I'm exploring music which uses or is made from environmental >sounds such
      as traffic, weather, storms and so on. I wonder >if anyone on list has any

      Paul Lansky's "Night Traffic" is an interesting piece found on his 1992 "Home
      Brew" CD on the Bridge label. (This should be fairly easy to get hold of,
      check out their website.)

      I am also quite fond of an old Folkways recording (FX 6161) , on vinyl, called
      "here at the water's edge 1: a voyage in sound" which is a "sound score"
      composed by Leo Hurwitz in collaboration with Charles Pratt for a motion
      picture called "Here At The Water's Edge" While I'm not familiar with the
      film, the 1963 album features 3 "constructions in sound" made up of sounds
      recorded in and around the Port of New York. (My guess is that this one
      should be next to impossible to find. Happy hunting!)

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