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7453FWD:National Gas Out April 7 - 9

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  • sonitus7@juno.com
    Mar 1, 2000
      >Original Message
      >From: "ken grandlund"<twokgs@...>
      >Subject: National Gas Out
      >Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 12:43:33 -0800
      > Gas Out....Please Read!!!!
      > Last year on April 30, 1999 a gas out was staged across Canada and the
      > to bring the price of gas down, and it worked. It's time to do
      > about it again. Only this time lets make it three days instead of just

      > The so- called "OIL CARTEL" decided to slow production to drive up
      > prices. Let's see how many Canadian/American people we can get to ban
      > together for a three day period in April, NOT TO BUY ANY GASOLINE
      >during those three days!

      > LET'S HAVE A GAS OUT. Do not buy any gasoline from April 7, 2000
      >THROUGH April 9, 2000. Buy what you need before or after, but try not to
      >any during the GAS OUT. If you want help, just pass this to everyone
      >know and ask him or her to do the same. We brought prices down once
      >and we can do it again.

      > Come on North America....let's stand together. We can make a
      > Even if you receive this 100 times keep passing it around, this way you
      > know everyone is being informed and no one will forget!

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