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626Evan Parker

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  • Steve /k/./F/
    Jul 29, 1998
      Hey im new to this list but not to the wire...

      so a question...

      I recently enjoyed the John Coltrane episode of 'Jazz Heroes' on Channel
      4 in the UK
      (not nearly long enough but thats another story...) anyway Evan Parker
      was on commenting
      on Coltranes work and there was a quick snippet of him performing one of
      his own pieces,
      a repetitive kaleidoscopic thing... very nice... did anyone see this?
      and can anyone point
      me towards any of Evan's work which resembles (or indeed is) that piece?


      sorry but im rambling today

      Steve a.k.a. Horse Opera
      ....new EP on planet mu records coming september/october...
      ....plus Hood remix on Dropbeat recs also featuring Hardy 'Spymania'
      third eye foundation and john tye mixes... out sometime...