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61Re: Hello! Is there anybody Out There?

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  • Vince Millett
    May 26, 1998
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      At 18:00 26/05/98 +0100, you wrote:
      >As for Techno, I think that scene has a lot to offer, and a lot of
      >variety. The Dance scene in general is probably wider than the
      >Industrial Scene has ever been. However, with variety obviously
      >comes an awful lot of rubbish, but then there is always a price to
      >The techno scene, to me, includes ambient, drum'n' bass,
      >breakbeat etc. etc. and as such there is no real limit to what is
      >created, I tihnk it is one of the most interesting scenes/genres
      >Anyway, hopefully we've created a little food for thought!
      >Best wishes,
      >Adam Sykes

      I agree! My own interests are particularly in the areas where electronic
      dance music interacts with various ethnic music forms: Transglobal
      Underground/Natasha Atlas, the barraka el farnatshi label, the Outcaste
      label, the whole Anokha/Asian Underground scene, Martyn Bennett, Suns of
      Arqa etc etc. The possibilities are endless.

      Vince Millett
      Broken Drum Records
      Secret Archives of the Vatican (new album Reformation available 15th June)
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