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5864RustyRobot - new on-line distribution

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  • robat
    Oct 1, 1999
      To all the Wire onelist subscribers - have a look at
      a new on-line music distribution, record label and new media
      service provider.

      You will find three main series in the RustyRobot catalogue:

      "Eclectic" presenting music of mixed influences blending (with a
      purpose and a twist) western classical, jazz and ethnic traditions.
      It also includes oddities, eccentricities and music inspired by film,
      dance, circus and cartoons.

      "Strings" is mainly devoted to the guitar in all its guises and
      acoustic, electric, synthesized. Particular attention is devoted to
      unusual, unconventional and innovative ways of using the guitar
      and other string instruments.

      "Smiley" is a more traditional series including enjoyable work of
      Jazz, Blues, Latin and original folk ensembles (with particular
      attention to Middle Eastern, North African and Eastern European

      Latest additions to the catalogue of CDs:
      Stick&String Sextet - Plus
      Robin Jones -Just thoughts
      Spirit Talk Mbira - Nhimbe
      Roberto Manes - Phoenician Dream
      Robat - Accidents and Coincidences

      Coming soon
      Robat - Very close, very far
      Orchestra Svoboda's first CD
      Phase Space's first CD
      Spirit Talk Mbira's latest recording

      ...and a lot more.....

      Roberto Battista
      new media consultant
      digital sound and image creation

      check www.rustyrobot.com
      the new independent on-line
      music distribution for the music
      you can't find elsewhere,
      contemporary classical, eclectic, world...