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5862White America

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  • sonitus7@xxxx.xxx
    Sep 30, 1999
      The debut release by WA entitled "Watch The Zephyr" is now out on the
      fledgling cassette label Polyamory of NYC (Who've recently released a
      Golden Calves/Thurston Moore/Dr Gretchen MWLP three way lp!). contact
      James Tothe at jamestothe@... for ordering information. We are
      currently working on a ton of material.

      WA features members of late/New Port, Golden Calves, 200 Year Old Wolf
      Pussy, etc.

      WA LIVE

      Saturday Oct 9th House Party
      in MPLS w/5 kegs (address suppressed, contact privately)

      Thursday 14th last act of the night starting around 11pm
      W/ Jindra Estate @ Bon Appetit (on 14th ave in dinkytown next to house of

      Wednesday 20th
      Opening for Rafael Toral @ Gus Lucky's, 1626 E Lake St

      Thursday 28th last act around 11pm
      W/Aaron Kerr and more @ Bon Appetit

      Saturday 30th
      Sound Evolution Control V @ Gus Lucky's

      Come Celebrate White America


      WA recently performed at Sound Evolution Control IV. aside from 2kyop,
      WA provided an interlude of quiteness and relaxation, during an otherwise
      incredibly loud and noisy night. smashed in the center of the bill, we
      played a ten minute set of minimal free improv to small conglomerate of
      diehard noisers, even garnishing the recommendation of Bobby Blowhard,
      who hates everything. The recording was sabbotaged again by the always
      mischievous Bob Shrepel (Thumb), aka The Devil. Bob later got naked, and
      stayed that way for a good hour and a half, despite numerous pleas to
      clothe himself. WA only hopes that Bob was able to locate the small
      lightbulb we hid somewhere on his body during this period.