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  • faith marie tabafunda
    Jul 3, 1998
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      >From: "Mark Coyle"
      >Hello all,
      >I've just joined the group after reading The Wire for many a year.
      >Current listening
      >Oval / Christopher Charles - Dok
      >Thomas Koner - Kaamos
      >Robin Rimbaud - The Garden Is Full Of Metals
      >Biosphere - Substrata
      >David Shea - The Prisoner
      >Looking forward to the new Justin Bennett - Cityscaping CD. Anyone got it
      >I'm interested at the moment in dialogue interwoven with music from Scanner
      >to Negativland. Anyone got any particular recommendations?
      >Mark Coyle
      >hello .,
      i've just recently become intereested in experimental , no commercial potential
      and ambient music , and have been suscribing to the one list. i just have a
      question , where do i get the wire? can it mailed , suscribed to or bought in
      any particlatr locations? Or is a website? please aid me in my endeavor for
      music knowledge . form what i read i'm rvery much interested in getting my hands
      on a copy. thanks faith
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