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  • Eric Alper
    Jul 1, 1999
      New Member:
      Hi, my name is Eric Alper, some of you might remember me from playing Dr.
      Robert Carlson on �..errrr�no, wrong announcement. I might have been on
      this list before, if I was - (with warm smile and cup of coffee) "Hey, how
      are YOU?" If I haven't been here, (with warm smile and cup of coffee) "Hey,
      where have I been?"

      Well, this is me: I just finished with working on the North By Northeast
      Music Festival in Toronto, Ontario. Currently, I am the media relations guy
      for record distributor Koch International's Canadian division. I am also a
      staff member of Jam Canoe (http://www.canoe.ca/jam), one of Canada's
      leading entertainment sites. I also do publicity for charitable groups,
      talk a lot to indie bands, and sit around waiting for the new My Bloody
      Valentine album to be released. Hence the cup of coffee.

      Feel free to contact me on here or by personal email or icq - and if there
      are any bands out there with emailing lists, put me on it, I'd love to find
      out what you're up to. I hope I can be of help to anyone on here. But then
      again, this list has been doing fine without me, so I'm just going to sit
      down here now.


      Eric Alper @Koch International
      63 Roxborough Lane 1220 Ellesmere Road, Unit 8
      Thornhill, Ontario Scarborough, Ontario
      L4J 4T2 M1P 2X5
      email: musicpro@... email: eric@...
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