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  • Ernesto Diaz-Infante
    Jul 1, 1999
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      Vast Field (not to scale)
      Host: Ernesto Diaz-Infante
      Wednesdays 2-6am / KAZU 90.3 FM
      Pacific Grove, California USA

      "Vast Field (not to scale)" is a weekly radio program devoted to contemporary classical,
      avant-garde, experimental improv, electroacoustic, and creative music.

      Playlist: 06.30.99

      ARTIST - TRACK - ALBUM (label)

      UnFolkUs - Magnolia Blonde - UnFolkUs (Unit Circle)
      Jonathan LaMaster's Saturnalia - Evening at the Interplanetary Orchestra - Saturnalia
      BTM/Orgy of Noise - Styloid Process - Boston Underbelly (Sublingual)
      The Correspondence Quartet - 10/19/98 - The Correspondence Quartet (self-release)
      The Big Chill - Little Fluffy Clouds - Instrumental Acoustek (Factor 1)
      Saturnalia String Trio w/Daniel Carter - Evanescence I-III - Saturnalia String Trio (Sublingual)
      Robert Reigle - The Marriage of Heaven and Earth - The Marriage of Heaven and Earth (Acoustic
      Dorgon + Laura Cromwell - For Jackson Pollack - Mar (Jumbo Recordings)
      Dorgon + William Parker - In Bloom - 9 (Jumbo Recordings)
      Dorgon + William Parker - Duo - Broken/Circle (Jumbo Recordings)
      Dorgon - Graphic #1 - IIII (Jumbo Recordings)
      John M. Bennett + Rotcod Zzaj - Formacion Del Sing - Bone Loaf (Zzaj Productions)
      Belinda Subraman + Rotcod Zzaj - Monuments to Wishes - Necessary Illusions (Zzaj Productions)
      Joe Hardin + Rotcod Zzaj - Dream #394 - The Scarab polemic (Zzaj Productions)
      Kramtones/Zzaj/Tomshany - Oh-Oh! - All Good as Gnu1s (Zzaj Productions)
      Kramtones + Rotcod Zzaj - Note Map #4 - Strange Attractors (Zzaj Productions)
      W.O.O. Revelator - Noise - If you were a Photon (Sweet Stuff Media)
      Chris Forsyth/Ethan Sklar - 100697 - Chris Forsyth/Ethan Sklar (Bottom Feeder)
      Perkis/Ingalls/Shiurba/Perry - Unfold - Perkis/Ingalls/Shiurba/Perry (Limited Sedition)
      Edgewater Experimental Instruments Consort - Primarily Phallic - Peering Over (Ramp)
      Moe! Staiano - Time for your U-bolts - The Non-Study of First Impressions (Delphine Knormal
      Jeff Kaiser - Mejestas - Ganz Andere (Pfentum)
      Mr. Meridies - Dense Talk - Mr. Meridies (Friction)
      Christoper DeLauenti - Cannon Sludge - 3 Camels for Orchestra (American Archive)
      Philip Gelb - Timid Tyrannosaurs - Purple Wind (Ryokan)
      Gustavo Aguilar - Apa - Dreaming with Serpents (Acoustic Levitation)
      Wadada Leo Smith - Another wave more waves - Tao-Njia (Tzadik)
      Bhob Rainey - Track #6 - The Withered Grasses (Tautology)
      Vedic Sound - Thread Siva - Song of Light (Subrosa)
      Nels Cline + Devin Sarno - Found in Nature - Edible Flowers (Win)
      Franco DeGrassi + Gianni Lenoci - (6) - Franco DeGrassi + Gianni Lenoci (ASC)
      Hidenobu Ito - Bedroom in the Cage - Hidenobu Ito (NSCOM)
      OGOGO - Feast - OGOGO (Innova)
      Siren Circus - Anthem - Solid Poems on a Ghost of a Subject (Sargasso)
      Jim Staley with Borah Bergman and Phoebe Legere - Tennessee Waltz - Blind Pursuits (Einstein)
      Bshops for the Poor - Crastity of Animals - Signal through flames (No Wave)
      Dennis Bathory-Kitsz - Detritus of Mating - Detritus of Mating (Sistrum Records)

      Ernesto Diaz-Infante, producer of a California-based radio show Vast Field (not to scale) on
      KAZU 90.3 FM, is looking for new music (experimental improv/modern classical/electroacoustic) to
      feature on his program. Send promo recordings to:

      Attn: Ernesto Diaz-Infante/Vast Field
      KAZU 90.3 FM
      PO Box KAZU
      Pacific Grove CA 93950

      email: <itzat@...>
      http://www.kazu.org/ (live internet broadcast)