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  • DeeDee
    Jun 1, 1999
      --- Steven Taylor <kung.funk@...> wrote:
      > From: Steven Taylor <kung.funk@...>
      > Please reply onlist! I have this track on a CDr a friend did for me
      > ages ago and
      > ive never been able to track it down... For the first 30 secs i
      > thought it was
      > Underground Resistance or something! :)

      found the following:
      Herbie Hancock: Dedication
      1/ Maiden Voyage
      2/ Dolphin Dance
      3/ Nobu
      4/ Cantaloupe Island
      Recorded July 29, 1974 at Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo
      Herbie Hancock : acoustic piano (1,2), electric keyboards (3,4) -
      Fender Rhodes, ARP Pro
      Soloist, ARP Odyssey, ARP 3604, ARP 2600, ARP PE-IV string
      19?? - Sony Records (Japan) SRCS 9342

      at the amazing online discography at

      The album is now avaliable anywhere in the usual online stores;
      however, I found out it�s on the "Jazz Sateletes Vol.1(Electrafication)
      compilation on Virgin Records, which is still avaliable from CDNow
      (www.cdnow.com). This is a great compilation, with the likes of Alice
      Coltrane, Miles,Don Cherry and more.
      And if you like that track, you might want to check Hancock�s wonderful
      "Sextant" album from 1973. Very electronic and experimental, this
      sounds a lot like nineties abstract electronica in places.If you want
      to check, I believe they have sound samples of that at CDNow- if not,
      let me know and I can make you some short RealAudio snippets.

      Hope this helps,
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