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  • Doug Watson
    Jun 1, 1999
      At 12:48 PM 1999/06/01 +0100, Tom_Mugridge@... wrote:

      >I've been given a tape with a Herbie Hancock track called 'Nobu' on it. Does
      >anyone have details of the album it's from (title, date and label if

      Herbie Hancock: Dedication [CBS/Sony 25AP 562, 1977 (recorded in 1974)]

      Japanese-only recording, recently reissued on CD. The first side is two
      solo acoustic pieces ("Maiden Voyage" and "Dolphin Dance") while the second
      half is two solo electric performances ("Nobu" and "Cantaloupe Island"). I
      finally found an original copy of this one a coupla months back, but
      unfortunately none of the other tracks are as intriguing as the man/machine
      interface -- Herbie improvising offa the random generator musings of an ARP
      synthesizer -- witnessed on "Nobu." File it under, Herbie Completists Only
      (which includes me, I suppose.) If you need a hardcopy, you're better off
      investing in the of-similar-vein JAZZ SATELLITES compilation 2CD on Virgin.

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