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4194Re: noise annoys

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  • Oliver Brice
    May 23, 1999
      > >So, dear listmembers, I would like to open the floor to you all for
      >your votes on what is the most unlistenable /noisiest/cacophonous
      >record ever released. And why.
      >If I see one more message inviting me to join electronic@onelist,
      >taking the piss out of M.E. Smith or asking what records are noisy, I
      >think I'm going to go mad. Maybe we could have a rule that one
      >should only post messages if one has a new questiuon to ask, or
      >something to say.
      >Ok, thats that off my chest,

      I don't know why messages I posted a month ago or so are suddenly appearing
      now, but sorry.
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