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4193CDs For Sale/Trade

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  • Otis Wheeler
    May 22, 1999
      I have the following CDs available for sale or trade. If you�re
      buying, shipping is $2.00, plus $0.50 each additional (overseas
      shipping at cost). If you'd like info about anything, feel free to
      ask. Pricing's pretty random, so feel free to make offers if you
      don't think the price is right. You can check out my eBay feedback at
      the following address, if you like:

      email: owheeler@...

      Marc Almond: Jacques $8
      Aqueous & Roedelius (of Cluster): Meeting the Magus $8
      Arab Strap: Philophobia (promo) $5
      Dan Bern: Dog Boy Van $6
      Dan Bern: One Dance (promo) $3
      Bjork: Debut $8
      Bomb20: Field Manual $6
      Brother JT & Vibrolux: Doomsday Rock $8
      Jeff Buckley: Sketches For My Sweetheart the Drunk (2 CD set) $10
      Butthole Surfers: Electric Larryland $5
      Nick Cave & Shane MacGowan: What A Wonderful World $12
      Eugene Chadbourne: Eddie Chatterbox Double Trio Love Album $8
      Cluster: One Hour $10
      Elvis Costello: Kojak Variety $5
      Christoph de Babalon: If You're Into It, I'm Out of It $8
      Dead Can Dance: A Passage In Time $8
      Die Haut: Head On $8
      Die Haut: Sweat $8
      Ani DiFranco: Little Plastic Castle $8
      Einst�rzende Neubauten: Tabula Rasa $8
      Elastica: s/t $6
      Filter: Short Bus $6
      Fluffy: 5 Live $4
      Richard Hell & the Voidoids: Blank Generation $9
      Hoedh: Hymnus $8
      Hole: Pretty on the Inside $8
      William Hooker: Armageddon $8
      Joy Division: Permanent $7
      June of 44: Four Great Points $7
      Krakatau: Matinale $8
      Arto Lindsay: Hyper Civilizado $6
      Mudhoney: Piece of Cake $4
      My Bloody Valentine: Loveless $8
      New York Dolls: s/t $8
      Nine Inch Nails: Further Down the Spiral $6
      Pearl Jam: Ten $4
      Gene Pitney: Greatest Hits $5
      Prick: s/t $5
      Pop Will Eat Itself: Dos Dedos Mis Amigos $8
      Rebekah: Remember To Breathe $2
      Ryuichi Sakamoto: Anger / Grief $6
      Screaming Trees: Sweet Oblivion $4
      Sun Dial: Other Way Out $8
      Throbbing Gristle: Greatest Hits $8
      Tricky: Angels With Dirty Faces $8
      The Velvet Underground: Best Of $8
      Tom Verlaine: Cover $8
      Tom Verlaine: Warm and Cool $8
      Tony Wakeford (of Sol Invictus): La Croix $10
      Yatsura: Slain $8
      soundtrack: Trespass $5
      sountrack: The Crow: City of Angels $6

      avant-rock, out-jazz, krautrock, noise, musique concrete, improv,
      bubblegum pop, et al.. Just send your list.

      Thanks for looking,
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