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39ambient, idm, post-rock reviews and news at the trout cave

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  • Jason Ward
    May 7, 1998
      The Trout Cave is now online with ambient, electronica, fourth-world, IDM
      and post-rock CD reviews, news and links.

      Artists ON-LINE include: Aphex Twin, Autechre, Bark Psychosis, Gentle
      People, Kriedler, Labradford, Laika, Main, Mouse On Mars, To Rococo Rot,
      Tortoise and many more artists from Kranky, Thrill Jockey and Warp Records.

      COMING SOON over the next few weeks: Microstoria, Squarepusher, Stars Of The
      Lid, Talk Talk/�O�rang/Mark Hollis, David Toop and more.

      Feel free to browse The Trout Cave (some areas still under construction) and
      email me with any comments or suggestions.
      Please enjoy.
      Soupy Twist.

      Email: trout@...