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  • pimmon@xxxxxxxxx.xxx
    May 7, 1999
      >Erm... is anybody familiar with the records/artists in Drew's list? What
      >do they sound like?

      >> Drew:

      >> Arovan - Occer/Silicad 7"

      Great german electronica...sits nicely amongst most Skam releases..

      >> Lexaunculpt - Double Density 12"

      Courtesy of FE/Hvratski:

      "Lexaunculpt is 19 year-old Alex Graham, a resident of the city of
      Orange. Quickly gaining attention for his first 12" released on
      Isophlux earlier this year and in Southern California for his amazing
      live sets, we feel that Lexaunculpt's record for Orange announces the
      arrival of a major new talent in electronic music in the US. Combining
      elements of hip-hop with highly complex digital rhythms, Lexaunculpt
      is guaranteed to leave the most jaded trainspotters impressed "

      Hope this helps [2/5]...

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