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  • Steve81778
    May 5, 1998
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      BoC had a 12" on skam last year (skam is run by an (now ex?) friend of
      Autechre named andy maddocks. skam has releases by BoC, Jega, Gescom, Bola,
      Freeform and Lego Feet...all limited releases and all that...

      BoC have now become the next big thing, which I don't really
      understand...don't get me wrong, they're damn good (I have their album and
      skam 12" plus a cd-r of their first (rare as fuck) 12") but I just don't get
      the hype...really mellow melodies with hip hop beats, and on the skam 12", a
      tad bit of electro...(don't get me wrong though, this isn't "trip-hop"

      PJ from modern music is all over BoC...

      for the next big thing though, I'm banking on Jega...he has a 12" and CD/LP
      coming out soon on planet U (mike paradinas' label, aka mu-Ziq)

      he has 2 12"s out on skam...his stuff is pretty inconsistent right now, but
      check out his tracks on the mealtime and 0161 comps (and I think he did the
      "funny" hidden track on the skampler disc as well as the hidden track on the
      0161 comp...)


      ps-please any this heat fans help me track down the 'canterbury dream' label

      In a message dated 98-05-05 10:16:08 EDT, you write:

      << new operation on Warp called "Board of
      Canada" >>
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