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  • jblaiberg@xxx.xx.xx
    May 5, 1998
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      The best place to get David Kristian releases is probably Dropbeat Records
      (who I think are in CA, USA). He's had a couple of releases on the label
      and they do a good mail-order service. Check 'em out on www.dropbeat.com


      Davis Ford <forddavi@...> on 04/05/98 22:33:11

      Please respond to thewire@onelist.com

      To: thewire@onelist.com
      cc: (bcc: Joel Blaiberg/CNS)
      Subject: [thewire] online resources

      From: Davis Ford <forddavi@...>
      Hey, pretty quiet on this list.
      I've been searching dillegently for some online record stores to buy a
      few things from the Wire. I haven't had alot of luck. I'm looking to
      get that Scott4 project on Satellite Records. I also want to find the
      soundtrack for "Enter The Dragon" by Lalo Schifrin. I'm also looking
      for stuff by David Kristian. Does anyone buy stuff online, and if so,
      Incidentally, I found a pretty respectable drum & bass store: Breakbeat
      Science in NYC. They have quite a bit of good stuff. You can find 'em

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