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  • Andrew Grant
    May 4, 1998
      Have you tried Aquarius records in San Francisco? They are at

      In the NYC area, most Wire titles can be found at Other Music, on 4th St,
      near Tower Records. They have been promising to go on-line for some time
      now, but nothing as of yet. The people at Aquarius seem to have a problem
      with Other Music -- they often make jabs at them on their website. I don't
      know why. Having been to both stores, I would have to say that Other Music
      is a far superior store. Very, very, cool people and no attitude. (Can't
      say the same for Aquarius.)

      However, Aquarius does have on-line ordering, though it is a bit antiquated!

      Recent purchases:
      Hikuioto - limited edition CD (500) of German/Japanese group (abstract
      techno? Like Panasonic, but you can dance to it? Not sure yet...)

      The Mood Mosaic vol. 3 -- 'The Sexploitation' (Loungecore stuff. Tres,
      tres cool.)

      The Mood Mosaic vol. 6 -- Jazz a go go (Cool compilation with very
      interesting lineup, including France Gall, Cal Tjader, Flora Purim, Carla

      Brigitte Fontaine/Jacques Higelin -- 20 chansons d'avant le deluge (French
      chantuese and chanteur.)

      Listening to at the moment: Simon Fisher Turner -- Shwarma
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