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  • Steve81778
    May 4, 1998
      well, you might pay an arm and a leg, but modern music will support all of
      your electronic music needs...www.modernmusic.com, join their mailing list,
      because people snatch stuff quickly...

      as for scott 4, I have a 7" by them I'd be willing to sell or trade...it's the
      deutsche lp record 7" on satellite (just tell me if you're interested)

      modern music will have the kristian stuff you want...do yourself a favor and
      buy these two 12"s (about 7 apiece):

      Lowfish/David Kristian split 12" on suction
      Lowfish/Solvent split 12" on suction

      really good dirty electronic music (though the kristian stands out as being
      much more clean and melodic)

      recent purchases:
      Sonic Youth - Screaming Fields of Sonic Love
      AC/DC - Back in Black (fuck off if you don't love them)
      V/A - Artificial Intelligence (finally got it! found it used and couldn't
      resist it this time...)

      this summer is gonna be great...live - Tortoise twice in may (philly and dc),
      with Oval!, Trans Am, bjork / mu-Ziq (I won guest passes!), sonic youth w/ Tom
      Verlaine opening up, getting to see the Schematic label live in baltimore,
      Kraftwerk, recorded - WAP100 (hopefully the Tom and Rich track won't be
      stupid), new Autechre, new Schematic records, Mu-Ziq EP, new Sonic Youth, me
      leaving this shitty school I attend, me and my friend getting out shit
      together, and getting signed to Schematic or Sunction :)

      allright, lastly, are there any This Heat fans on this list, if so, I need
      some help...I'm desperately looking for a copy of the Health & Efficiency 12"
      or a cd bootleg with those tracks on it...I'm also looking for the cd-reissue
      of the Tago Mago cassette (no, I'm not confusing it with the can album) that
      was re-released on the label Canterbury Tales

      thanks and bye,

      In a message dated 98-05-04 18:59:50 EDT, you write:

      << From: Davis Ford <forddavi@...>

      Hey, pretty quiet on this list.

      I've been searching dillegently for some online record stores to buy a
      few things from the Wire. I haven't had alot of luck. I'm looking to
      get that Scott4 project on Satellite Records. I also want to find the
      soundtrack for "Enter The Dragon" by Lalo Schifrin. I'm also looking
      for stuff by David Kristian. Does anyone buy stuff online, and if so,
      where? >>
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