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  • Davis Ford
    Apr 17, 1998
      Hey, I guess there was no welcome message, but that has changed now so if you
      were to subscribe now, you would see this:


      Welcome to TheWire. This is an unmoderated list, even though I guess I'm
      technically the moderator, and have the means to actually remove someone from
      this list, I won't. If there's one thing that's more annoying than an annoying
      off-topic ramble / flame, it's someone who tries to edit someone else.
      Exceptions to this policy are junk email.

      This list is for (but not limited to) the discussion of the music covered in the
      UK print magazine The Wire. This list is in no way affiliated with The Wire.
      It is simply using the magazine's coverage of musical topics, and it's readers
      as a launching point for interesting discussion.

      The magazine itself can be found at:

      There is also a good online resource for back-articles here:

      To post to the list, send email to: thewire@onelist.com
      To unsubscribe from the list, go to: http://www.onelist.com

      Thanks for subscribing,

      davis <forddavi@...>

      That said, has anyone heard that Techno Animal vs. Reality thing yet?
      Supposedly has remixes of Tortoise, Ui, Alec Empire, and some others...

      I'm also interested in hearing that new Doug Scharin project that was reviewed
      in the April issue. Anybody heard that yet?