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2956Re: early muslimgauze

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  • kvetner.spoog@xxxxx.xxx
    Apr 11, 1999
      Nigel Ayers quoted:
      > I quote from Dave Henderson in Sounds May 7, 1983
      >"MUSLIMGAUZE: new name for Bryn Jones formerly EG Oblique Graph. First
      >material available,as of now is an LP entitled "Kabul" which, although
      >recorded on a 4 track cassette machine, is of high quality. Jones
      >concentrates on rhythm with small pieces of speech and instrumentation
      >creeping in.
      >The pulsing soundtracks retain an immediate, direct quality which never lets
      >the sublety of the overlayed instruments suffer. Forceful and essential, a
      >new sound"

      There's a lengthy reprint of this feature at EST magazine's website
      (buried in the depths of their "Prehistory of Industrial Music"
      feature, I think), which might be of interest to anyone wondering
      about the longetivity of Muslimgauze and many other groups mentioned
      recently on this mailing list.


      Kvetner Spoog
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