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2951Re: DJs say you're doing it

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  • Oliver Brice
    Apr 11 4:31 AM
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      >no disagreement about Dave's gutt-feelings, but i suspect his
      >basis for it is very poor.
      >i don't believe any israli minister SAY anything about "the purity
      of the
      >jewish state", and if you can find the exact name & words i'll thank
      you and
      >use it in my leftfield propaganda.
      >though no minister will SAY it, many will believe it. in fact, this
      law is
      >used in even more racist way than dave noticed: it is applied
      >for respected white russians, but not so automaticaly for black
      >and by the way, it is the mother's/grandmother's religion that
      >whether one is jewish or not. judism and islam are not the same

      The law is also rascist in another way; it gives rights to jewish
      citizens that it doesn't give to Arab citizens. However, there is a
      definate tendecy for the English media at least (I don't know about
      the US) to paint a picture of Israel which is not truly
      representative. There are many problems here, its a rascist,
      imperialist and Caplitalist society (like most [all?] of the western
      world) but people do tend to attack with out knowing what they are
      talking about. I agree with Ori that whatever he might think, no
      Israeli politician wopuld use the term "Racial Purity". The Nazi
      conatations would be the end of his political careear.

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