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  • Nigel Ayers
    Apr 8, 1999
      Somebody asked had Bryn Jones released much before 1990.

      I quote from Dave Henderson in Sounds May 7, 1983

      "MUSLIMGAUZE: new name for Bryn Jones formerly EG Oblique Graph. First
      material available,as of now is an LP entitled "Kabul" which, although
      recorded on a 4 track cassette machine, is of high quality. Jones
      concentrates on rhythm with small pieces of speech and instrumentation
      creeping in.
      The pulsing soundtracks retain an immediate, direct quality which never lets
      the sublety of the overlayed instruments suffer. Forceful and essential, a
      new sound"

      It gives the address of Kinematograph Records in Swinton, which I presume
      was Bryn himself.

      He was a frequent contributer to compilation albums and tapes through the
      80s. - his solo albums emanated mainly from Germany and Australia.
      Typically he often didn't so much as receive a complimentary copy, let alone
      get paid.
      In 1989 or thereabouts, he was supposed to be recording a collaboration with
      808 State, but the record company money fell through.

      It looks like that 1990 interview I did with him was one of his earliest.

      My favourite album of his is the double CD "Occupied Territories", though
      it's not really him so much as umpteen different remixers messing up his
      work. (including Zion Train!)

      Nocturnal Emissions Web Site:
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