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  • Huang Weijian
    Apr 7, 1999
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      >happening. I've always wondered about the terms "Global" or "World
      >do we use them because we have no idea how else to categorize stuff
      >non-European/US countries? Or aren't we bothered? I mean, hell,
      >is world music - do people in Africa label the Spice Girls World
      >Using this logic, they should.
      Pretty ridiculous term,this one.World music,ethnic music,anything
      that's not Western pop gets stuck in this category.Which resulted in
      some confusion for me(I'm living in South-East Asia)as the record
      stores here use exactly the same categories as your average American
      music chsin-store when I realized that the exoticism of world music
      was derived from geographically close areas,but which was still used
      to market it anyway,resulting in a Western-centric view of music
      despite for younger people here despite physical location.Apparently
      stuff like Spice Girls is pop,is normal and should be accwepted
      everywhere on its own terms without question while music from 'Third
      World' countries has some strange air of mystery and/or authenticity
      about it.
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