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2907Re: Elephant's Memory

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  • John Everall
    Apr 7, 1999
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      Nigel Ayers wrote:

      > Brainbox Gary Bushell had already caused trouble for Sounds magazine with
      > his "Strength Through Oi" collections and his bonehead connections - he'd
      > bit off more than he could chew.

      On the subject of the original Gazza, the Guardian ran a piece on MI5 secret files (August 25th
      1997) which might prove amusing: "MI5's files include information on Garry Bushell, now television
      critic of the Sun newspaper, who was described as a supporter of the left-wing Socialist Workers
      Party in the early 1970s". Then again DIJ used to be ultra-lefties Crisis, & Billy Bragg used to be
      a supporter of the extreme rigth-wing. Was Jung right about enantiodroma? BTW - I hope nobody
      thought I agreed with Bushell re. The Elephant Table. It wasn't a bad album at all. Not as good as
      the "Rising From The Red Sands" cassette series, though.....

      > . The popular press was accusing Sounds of causing race riots in Southall,
      > so staff writer and "Elephant Table" compiler
      > Dave Henderson was warned by the editor to exercise a degree of
      > caution while discussing the barmier elements of the so-called "New
      > Underground".

      J.G. Ballard mentioned this, saying that much of the writing in Sounds at the time was to the right
      of Adolf.

      > The "difficult music" on The Elephant Table album, is mostly
      > what you might call 80s synth pop that didn't quite make it anywhere near
      > the charts.
      > The two tracks I was involved with- Nocturnal Emissions' "Suffering Stinks"
      > bears (ahem)
      > more than a passing resemblance to David Bowie's "Let's Dance".
      > The title is lifted from an old Ska record.

      Viral Shedding was exquisite. Prefigured Techno, no doubt about that....

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