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2905Re: Windowlicker, and HyperCD.

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  • Brian & Sharon Beuchaw
    Apr 7, 1999
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      On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, Taylor McLaren wrote:

      > ...so I picked up the new Aphex Twin release yesterday afternoon and, like
      > most other people who have done so, I was fairly eager to take a look at
      > the MPEG video that was included on the CD. A couple of hours later, I pop
      > it into the CD-ROM drive, fire it up, and...
      > ....
      > Ordinarily, this wouldn't bother me a whole lot... I couldn't care less
      > whether or not the people at Sire Records (I'm not sure if this same format
      > is being used on the second half of the two-disc release in the UK or not)

      Wow - all I can say is I'm glad I got Warp's version. It does *not* use
      the same implementation - I pop it in my CDROM drive and it fires up a
      full-screen video thing (with FF/REW/pause/etc controls but the video is
      still pretty small), without all the extra doodads.

      "You believe the world is perfectible and so you find it always
      unsatisfying. You have to reconcile yourself to the world's
      unperfectibility by being thoroughly *in* the world, but not
      *of* it" - Tony Kushner
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