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2898Re: DJs say you're doing it

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  • Dave
    Apr 7, 1999
      At 04:24 PM 4/7/99 +0300, you wrote:
      >From: "ori gordon" <citizeng@...>
      >since some of you found interest in muslimgauze's interview in israli
      >newspapers, i'm going to find it and translate it for you. i review music in
      >these papers, so i can get the file, but i guess it will take some time.
      >more important than that, Dave wrote:
      >" I remember a few years back when there were a lot of Russian gentils
      >emigrating to Israel and gaining automatic citizenship because of an Israeli
      >law which grants it to anyone with a Jewish grandfather, that there was talk
      >of repealling the law in order to,
      >in the words of one Israeli gov't minister "preserve the purity of the
      >Jewish state." I found that statement mildly frightening, but feel free to
      >no disagreement about Dave's gutt-feelings, but i suspect his empirical
      >basis for it is very poor.

      Heard the minister himself say it on NPR. Can't remember his name though.

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