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2897Re: freud freud freud; freud must be destroyed

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  • Oeivind Idsoe
    Apr 7, 1999
      Jonathan Meade wrote:


      > What a load of bollocks


      > This is a music site, talking about a love of music, not politics
      > Leave politics out of talking about music, for fuck's sake

      Now, who died and made you the new head ignoramus?

      It's always interesting to note that those who say that so-and-so is "not about
      politics" have a tendency to show off the kind of totalitarian attitude that
      only serves to confirm what they think they are denying: "we shall ONLY talk
      about "a love of music" on this list, but for god's sake: no politics." Quite
      funny, actually.

      Take a break and stop telling people what to say or not say (yes, I know that's


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