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2880freud freud freud; freud must be destroyed

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  • rfaith
    Apr 7, 1999
      microphone piece thoughts;

      intimacy through microphones surely analogous
      to the cinematic representation being the same
      from each point in the cinema?
      an annihilation of distance between the
      recorder and listener
      and the specificity of the listener's location
      we all inhabit a delocalised zone representing
      the 2.5-10cm in front of the performers mouth
      the word intimate as a kiss
      yet magnified to envelop
      our emotional domain

      doesn't 'tilt' suffer from about 50% of it being pure schmaltz?
      (albeit schwarz schmaltz)

      and we all know what freud would have made of the galas photo
      now there's a one trick pony (freud)

      >Like Everall said, those terms are handy when it comes to finding a record
      somewhere in a big store.

      it's ok if you only go to one store:
      i've seen e.g. kriedler in
      trip hop
      new music
      post rock

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