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2877Re: Caetanos book

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  • Per-Christian Hille
    Apr 6, 1999
      >> I didn't think Caetano's book had been published yet in English-- is
      >> it out in Britain?
      > Caetano was asked to write this book by an american editor, as he
      > wrote on the preface of the brazilian version. I borrowed this book,
      > so I don't have it with me now to check this information for you, but
      > I'm quite sure it was released in both languages; but no idea who
      > edited it. Do you want me to look at it?

      I'm another one who would very much like any info you might have on Caetano
      Veloso's book. I've just checked amazon.com, both US and UK versions,
      without finding anything, so it's possible that Jason is right. But if you
      know/can find out anything, please let us know!