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  • Dave
    Apr 6 9:30 PM
      At 05:01 PM 4/6/99 +0100, you wrote:
      >From: Andy Wilson <AndyW@...>
      >seems to me from this debate that his politics were just extreme
      >palestinian nationalism and, in essence, not so different from extreme
      >Israeli nationalism / zionism....... *formally* speaking they're weird
      >mirror images of one another, though in 99% of situations you'd find
      >me marching on the side of palestinian nationalism while laughing at
      >the ideology.
      >in all, i would be very careful before making such easy equations as:
      >extreme anti-zionism -> proto-fascism

      While I'm not a supporter of either extreme zionism or extreme
      anti-zionism, if anything the opposite, extreme zionism -> proto-facism,
      seems to be more accurate. I remember a few years back when there were a
      lot of Russian gentils emigrating to Israel and gaining automatic
      citizenship because of an Israeli law which grants it to anyone with a
      Jewish grandfather, that there was talk of repealling the law in order to,
      in the words of one Israeli gov't minister "preserve the purity of the
      Jewish state." I found that statement mildly frightening, but feel free to


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      >> From: Matthew Weber [mailto:mweber@...]
      >> Sent: 06 April 1999 16:52
      >> To: thewire@onelist.com
      >> Subject: [thewire] Re: DJs say you're doing it
      >> From: Matthew Weber <mweber@...>
      >> At 04:17 PM 04/06/1999 +1040, you wrote:
      >> >From: John Everall <john.sentrax@...>
      >> >
      >> >Nigel Ayers wrote:
      >> >> Aside from that, a track by Muslimgauze appeared on the
      >> Elephant Table
      >> >> "difficult listening" compilation album in the early 80s.
      >> Wire readers
      >> >> wouldn't find it all that difficult - but that's what it
      >> said on the
      >> sleeve.
      >> >
      >> >I recall Mensa member (absolutely true!), Gary Bushell,
      >> saying this was
      >> the worst album of
      >> >all time! I wonder if him & Dave Henderson came to blows
      >> over this is the
      >> Sounds office...
      >> I don't think it's that bad--there's good stuff (the NWW
      >> track e.g.) and
      >> bad (Bushido?!), like any other comp. I remember that Wm.
      >> Bennett reviewed
      >> it in a KATA and blasted Dave Henderson with both barrels...
      >> >> What I found problematic then as now is the reactionary
      >> motivation he had
      >> >> for his music, and his support for middle eastern theocrats who
      >> >> responsible for various unpleasantness that is taking
      >> place outside of this
      >> >> cosy little community.
      >> >
      >> >Ever noticed that the folks on the photo of his first 12"
      >> were actually
      >> American pro-Nazi
      >> >sympathisers who were tried after the War. Bryn apparently
      >> couldn't see
      >> their crime. Maybe
      >> >the accusations of anti-semitism were true after all. I
      >> think Brian Duguid
      >> mentioned
      >> >anti-semitic statements made by Bryn in EST. Not that I wish
      >> to speak ill
      >> of the dead, just
      >> >that I feel Bryn Jones held some pretty repulsive views....
      >> This isn't an exact quote (I don't have the printed material
      >> close by), but
      >> Jones was asked whether he would ever consider talking to an
      >> Israeli, and
      >> his reply was something like "No, I wouldn't, they're all
      >> horrible people,
      >> so no." Reading between the lines, the connection between
      >> his detestation
      >> of "KGB/Red scum" and the Israelis, and his espousal of
      >> pro-fascist symps
      >> seems fairly clear.
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