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2858Re: DJs say you're doing it

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  • John Everall
    Apr 6, 1999
      Andy Wilson wrote:

      >and was
      > jones actually a mujahadeen supporter in Afganistan ?

      According to the limited correspodence I had with him in the early
      eighties, yes, I would say he undoubtedly was.

      > in all, i would be very careful before making such easy equations as:
      > extreme anti-zionism -> proto-fascism

      The original reference was to Jones' anti-semitism, not simply to his
      anti-zionist stance. Vanessa Redgrave supported the PLO & made
      anti-zionist statements, although, unlike Jones, was careful to distance
      her political viewpoint from a racially-based blanket denunciation of
      Jewish people generally.However, I never heard her refer to striking
      Miners as "Red Scum" - although the less said about the risible RCP, the

      > ASIDE: re. the elephant table lp, i remember interviewing nigel ayers
      > and graham from SPK in the early eighties and both being rather angry
      > about the elitism implicit in anyones labelling their own work as
      > 'difficult'....

      Can't say that I blame them.......

      John Everall.
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