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  • lmc
    Apr 6, 1999
      >From: Lillevn <lillevan@...-berlin.de>
      >lmc wrote:

      >> the
      >> only (ever) concert by Pierre Henry -
      > ????????????

      Sorry, bit of anglophilia in my e.
      Shoudl have said: In Britain, in recent memory. Hard in the thick of things
      to remember there's a world outside the maze of dealing with venues, grant
      forms, English-language press and so on. No time to enter into the
      dicussion about What Is Experimental - let the audience decide; while the
      English Arts Council (just for the record) have flatly turned down our
      application for funding for Pierre's epic remixdown.

      London Musicians' Collective Limited
      3.6 Lafone House, 11-13 Leathermarket Street, London SE1 3HN
      Tel: 0171 403 1922
      Fax: 0171 403 1880
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