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2809Re: Dumbing down...

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  • Oliver Brice
    Apr 3, 1999
      Being a student,
      >> though, I guess I am surrounded by people who aren�t *that*
      narrowminded, although the
      >> actual openmindedness and radicality of students is in general highly

      I'm a student in an "Arts" high school, (plastic arts, music, dance,
      film, theatre) and while I'm the only person there with really avant
      garde tastes, there are plenty of students who listen to Aphex Twin,
      Autechre, Pram, Massive Attack and that type of stuff. I think that
      electronic music becoming generally popular has opened people's ears up
      a lot, and I've introduced people to things like Microstoria and even
      Derek Bailey who I strongly dount would enjoy the music if music such as
      Aphex Twin hadn't introduced them to more unusual soundworlds than they
      were interested in before.
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