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2770Re: Dumbing down...

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  • Oeivind Idsoe
    Apr 1, 1999
      Alon Namdar wrote:

      > >Yes, that confrontational part can be terrible
      > I think you guys should stop moaning because if society
      > would all start one day listening to *other* music it wont
      > be so *other* anymore - it would loose its definition, its
      > exclusivity and the cultural conditions under which that it
      > was made ...
      It is true that a large part of the outer experiences of art have some
      kind of relation(s) to what happens at the inside, but I�m not so sure
      it�s just a matter of simple dialectics (the one exists as the
      "opposite" of the other, and if the one goes away the other one would
      also disappear). If we all became pacifists, would the concept of
      violence then die?

      In any case, these things go both ways, so if what you call the "other"
      music would disappear, it would probably affect what happens on the
      "inside", too. And if what is on the outside becomes assimilated with
      the inside, things, hopefully, deterritorialize and something different
      is created. (btw, is it really so easy to split the "cultural conditions
      under which something was made" and the something that was made into an
      absolute cause and effect?)

      Besides, people have every right to moan about ignorance, not least when
      it comes to almost being "attacked" by it in a very direct manner (of
      course, not understanding, or not *trying* to understand, why someone is
      offended by other people�s aesthetic preferences is also a kind of
      ignorance, but a weaker one). Being accused of "freakishness" is the way
      of (one) world, I guess (the executive of all the movie theaters in Oslo
      defended her rejection to show David Cronenberg�s "Crash" with something
      to the extent of "this movie is only interesting for perverts and
      psychiatrists"), but, if a moment of serious pretentiousness is allowed
      [ironic gesture sponsored by the 90�s], this is just as much, or more,
      about ethics as it is about aesthetics.

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