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  • Vitaly Shevchenko
    Apr 1, 1999
      I don't mean to sound impolite or anything, but it seems most of the
      Wire readers are too concentrated on the Western attitude towards art
      and on the troubles that go with it. Did you ever imagine how it is
      being an avantgarde or concrete music fan, say, in Botswana? Or I don't
      know where, somewhere where anything except tribal songs is a taboo.
      In the Soviet Union, when I was 16, if you listened to ANYTHING in
      English, that was cool enough to attract the attention of the KGB's
      plain-clothes art critics, as we called them.
      After the Perestroika, people here in Ukraine can listen to whatever
      they choose, but somehow the old framework is still in action: listen to
      only what everybody is listening to. The result: 90% choose Russian pop
      and techno music. If you wanna be considered an anti-society freak, put
      on a NIRVANA T-shirt and listen to Metallica once in a while. Some not
      so numerous doom and death-metal fans enliven the picture� and nobody
      else, I think. When I was at school (1994, more exactly), I was wearing
      long hair, and got a lot of frowning upon. You know why? Cause people
      thought I was A freaky BEATLES fan!!!!
      > I said I like Brian Eno. They all went "ahhhhhhh" looked at each
      > other
      > conspiratorially and moved on.
      The trouble is, almost no one here ever heard as much as one note of
      Eno's music or its equivalent.
      To make this conversation a bit more Ukrainian:
      � I said I like Brian Eno. They all went "ahhhhhhh" and asked "Who the
      hell is this? Spice Girls' son?"

      Best wishes,

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